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    Dengie is the UK's leading manufacturer of fibre-based horse feeds and the largest producer of alfalfa within the UK, the majority of which is used within our leading horse feed brands of Alfa-A, Hi-Fi, and our new complete feeds Healthy Hooves Molasses Free and Healthy Tummy

  • Healthy Tummy

    A complete, high-calorie fibre feed that fuels work and promotes condition. Containing the latest ingredients known to promote gut health including alfalfa and Protexin In-Feed Formula it is the ideal fibre feed to support a healthy digestive system. 

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    With six products approved by The Laminitis Trust, more than any other feed company - Dengie's record for nutritional excellence speaks for itself.

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  • Healthy Hooves Molasses Free

    A fully balanced, low-calorie fibre feed for leisure horses and ponies or those prone to laminitis. Packed with essential nutrients and B vitamins, including Biotin, which are essential for hoof health. Free from molasses and preservatives, it has the stamp of approval from The Laminitis Trust.

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Behind the Scenes with Tim Beauregard - Part Two

As part of a series of exclusive interviews with equestrian professionals, Tim talks to Dengie about his most memorable experiences as a vet and tips on how Dengie followers can give their horse a head start in the health and fitness stakes this summer. 


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Badminton 2016 was an event to put in the great book of life under the chapter of experience and pretty much leave it there! A very below par test on a rather frisky and fit Bosun, followed by a nasty fall at Badminton’s famous Vicarage Vee was not what I'd envisaged.