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    Dengie is the UK's leading manufacturer of fibre-based horse feeds and the largest producer of alfalfa within the UK, the majority of which is used within our leading horse feed brands of Alfa-A, Hi-Fi, and our new complete feeds Healthy Hooves Molasses Free and Healthy Tummy

  • Healthy Hooves Molasses Free

    Contains just 2.5% sugar, which is found naturally within the fibre ingredients. Low in starch too, at just 1.5%, making it perfect for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

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  • Devoted to Caring About Laminitis

    With six products approved by The Laminitis Trust, more than any other feed company - Dengie's record for nutritional excellence speaks for itself.

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  • Powering Performance

    The ultimate high calorie fibre feed perfect for the fuelling work and promoting condition without excitability. Made from pure alfalfa providing quality protein for top line and oil for healthy skin and coat shine.

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A Cracking Good Idea!

Dengie Fresh Bed For Chickens – a natural soft straw bedding with pine oil for ultimate freshness – is now available in easy-to-handle 50-litre bales, making light work of keeping chickens warm and cosy.


Fundraising Fun

Dengie customer, Helen Plant had a fall at an endurance ride at Thorsby Hall last October, where she had a rather nasty break to her collar bone. Since her accident, Helen has been fund raising in a bid to donate the cost of her trip to hospital. Dengie Performance Nutritionist, Claire Akers popped along to Helen's yard to weigh horses and help with the fundraising.


Royally good home needed for Charlotte, Elizabeth & Diana

Charlotte, Elizabeth and Diana came out of their colony farm on May 2nd, the same day the nation welcomed the latest addition to the Royal family. These 3 plucky ex-colony girls are looking for a ‘royally’ good home, but a Peckingham Palace is not required!


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Latest from the Dengie Stable

We are back, and just as much on a mission as before! Greetings from motherhood, a surreal new world...I like to think that people have enjoyed reading my blog over the last year because I am like the majority of eventers; working outside of the equine industry to fund a passion, along with juggling life.


Last week Potter and I were training hard for our first Medium dressage test together. I’ve been working on half passes, doing a lot of traver down the long side and working on speed control.