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Brook Howells

Brook is an amateur event rider from the North-West of England, working part time as an Improvement Facilitator in the NHS, and trying to fit the toddler around training!

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Brook has ridden most of her life, taking up eventing at the age of 14. Her current horse, Templebrook Boy is by the Connemara stallion Templebready Fear Bui out of a Kiltealy Spring TB mare. They are steadily gaining confidence at novice and aiming for a CCI*

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  • 2017 08 27 163615 Llanymynech Novice

    Ride it like you stole it

    Well, when I last updated you all, I was riding high on the elation of sailing round Skipton novice clear and remembering to focus on the overall enjoyment rather than the score.

  • BH BrandHall17 XC

    What Will Be Will Be

    I felt really confident that we could show everyone just why I was going novice on Corey at Brand Hall. After last year, with a record that would probably make anyone who didn't know Corey question why we persevere, I was determined to set a new trend.

  • BH Somerford17 SJ

    Trust and Allow

    Sometimes life throws challenges your way that are tough to deal with in the moment, but in time and with hindsight you begin to see the positives.

  • FebruaryRidingClubDressage17

    Picking up the reins for 2017

    How is it already February?! I still have seven thank you letters to write, yet I’m looking at what events are open for entries. It's time to start preparing for the 2017 season!

  • SJ BoldHeath

    Make Your Dreams Bigger Than Your Fears

    It has been so long since I wrote a blog (apologies - baby+work+training = not much free time!) that I’m going to have to cram a lot into this one - my eventing season has now come to a close and there is a lot to reflect on.

  • 2016 06 04 153230 Brand Hall Novice

    Slow Progress is Still Progress

    I thought we'd had a quieter time than usual with Corey over the last few weeks, but looking at the competitions we've done it's not been that quiet! After Llanymynech we set off to Brand Hall, feeling fired up and ready to attack the course with grit!

  • 2016 05 06 144831 Richmond Novice 3

    Finding My Grit

    Corey and I have been continuing to have fun at novices in the last few weeks. Our scores don’t look great, but I feel like we are progressing with every run. It’s not necessarily about getting a rosette every time out but feeling like you’re still moving in the right direction towards your goals!

  • 2016 03 20 151013 Stafford BE 100plus 2 2

    Ready To Rock

    My last blog was all about making the decision to withdraw from Lincoln and focus on a confidence giving run at Stafford instead, and that decision was rewarded with a great day’s eventing. The ground for the dressage was not ideal but I managed to get Corey going nicely in the warm up.

  • 2015 11 22 124551 ECCTG SJ at SPF 3

    Sensible Knickers or Big Brave Pants?

    The title of this blog comes from a tweet I wrote last week, after my first event - Askham Bryan - got cancelled and I was left with a bit of a dilemma on my hands. The start of 2016 had been going fairly well to plan until the news that we couldn’t compete at Askham and I’m gutted for all concerned. 

  • 2015 12 30 124244 Kellsall Arena XC 3

    Pop Goes the Weasel!

    We have been well occupied the last few weeks doing hacking. Hacking, hacking and more hacking. Corey is therefore getting a fantastic boost to his fitness and I am trying my hardest to be positive, as I am not what you would call a happy hacker!

  • 2015 05 24 153349 Crossmere Farm RC SJ 3

    Winter Training and Growing Confidence

    I've been doing some different training now the winter is here, to take advantage of having some time before eventing starts again to play around. I got lots of ideas from Your Horse Live - a really inspiring set of demonstrations and a nice opportunity to catch up with the Dengie team in person

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