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Brook Howells

Brook is an amateur event rider from the North-West of England, working part time as an Improvement Facilitator in the NHS, and trying to fit the toddler around training!

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Brook has ridden most of her life, taking up eventing at the age of 14. Her current horse, Templebrook Boy is by the Connemara stallion Templebready Fear Bui out of a Kiltealy Spring TB mare. They are steadily gaining confidence at novice and aiming for a CCI*

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  • Brook November2015

    The 2016 Season Starts Here!

    Well, there it is, the end of my 2015 season. We’ve proven that eventing with a baby is just about possible and definitely still something we want to do, just about got ourselves back up to novice level, figured out the show jumping, and completed our first medium dressage test

  • 2015 08 22 125905 Somerford BE100 Open 4

    Where has the time gone?

    Last week I was schooling in the field and started to feel a bit frustrated with how this year was panning out. Back in February/March I had visions of spending the summer really focused on my eventing, however I was trotting round feeling like I'd somehow let the opportunity pass me by.

  • 2015 08 08 123914 BRC National Horse Trials Championships

    Minor Setbacks

    The last few weeks have been quite frustrating as we’ve had a few minor setbacks that have meant our fitness and training work have gone quite off plan, but hopefully we’re back on track now.

  • 2015 07 19 140139 Stafford BE100 plus 3

    Back to Eventing At Last!

    There is something to be said for starting the eventing season in mid July - the weather is (mostly) glorious and Corey is looking fabulous, if a little bit too 'well'. I've managed to work off some of his spring fullness, thanks to upping the fitness regime and restricting the grass, and after nearly 11 months away from eventing I was seriously chomping at the bit.

  • 2015 05 24 153349 Crossmere Farm RC SJ 3

    Greetings from Motherhood

    We are back, and just as much on a mission as before! Greetings from motherhood, a surreal new world...I like to think that people have enjoyed reading my blog over the last year because I am like the majority of eventers; working outside of the equine industry to fund a passion, along with juggling life.

  • 2015 02 08 14 33 06 BKF ride

    Almost Here!

    It is a strange feeling, knowing that the season is about to start and knowing you're not going to be part of it, despite having a healthy event horse and being injury free yourself. Everyone else is gearing up ready, social media is full of the news that it's nearly here, and I am stuck on the sofa (occasionally literally) waiting for our own special delivery!

  • ECCTG Dressage at SPF

    Seasons Greetings

    In my last blog I reflected on my last jump of the year and the big change that awaits us in 2015 with the arrival of our first child. So I thought now a good time to reflect on the whole of 2014, my last dressage competition, and indeed quite possibly my last ride. 

  • SJ knees up 003

    Last Jump of the Year

    Busy busy busy! Despite the season being over and the nights drawing in – which should mean things are quietening down, I feel like I’ve been busier than ever! 

  • 2014 09 26 10 59 53 Sailing

    Winding Down to Year End

    We've had a quiet few weeks now that Lincoln has been and gone and our eventing season is over, but Corey hasn't quite finished for the year yet. We're going to take advantage of his fitness to work on his flatwork a bit more; aiming to set us up for a great spring in 2015, without the pressure of imminent important competitions.

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