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Dengie understands that sometimes feeding your horse or pony can be confusing and getting the balance right can be tricky!  We're here to help you with articles and information from our nutrition experts to keep you up to date with the latest information.

You can click on the links on the left or use the drop down menu for further information and guidance on a range of feed related topics. Should you have a particular query or a more complicated feeding issue call our friendly Feedline on 0845 345 5115. Or why not use our new feature and chat on-line to one of our nutritionists? Click the link, top right on this page, to start your conversation!

Alternatively click here to fill out a form to send to our nutrition team, who will in return put together a personalised feeding plan for your horse or pony.


  • Top Tips for Feeding the Ulcer Prone Horse

    The Dengie nutrition team have put together their top tips for feeding the ulcer prone horse which should be implemented alongside any medication that your vet has prescribed.

  • Keep Hydrated with Dengie Alfa-Beet

    Stay hydrated with Dengie Alfa-Beet this competition season. A high-fibre, low sugar and starch conditioning feed. The combination of alfalfa and unmolassed sugar beet pulp provides 'slow release' energy in the form of highly digestible fibre, it’s also ideal for helping to keep the competition horse hyrated.

  • Dengie Laminitis Horse Feeds Explained

    Our Laminitis Trust approved fibre feeds have been developed to meet the nutritional requirements of horses and ponies prone to laminitis. Low in sugar and starch, but high in fibre we have a range of feeds suitable for any horse or pony.

  • Getting your horse ready for competition

    If you are competing your horse, you may be thinking about a change to your horse’s feeding regime, but what changes do you need to make? The Dengie Nutrition team explain.

  • Dengie's Conditioning Fibre Feeds Explained

    Some horses do not maintain their body weight easily and it can prove a real challenge to keep them at the perfect weight. Our nutrition team explain the benefits and features of each of the Dengie conditioning fibres feeds that are based on alfalfa.

  • Feeding for Condition

    Tracey Hammond,

    Some horses do not maintain their bodyweight easily and it can prove a real challenge to keep them in tip-top condition. Dengie nutritionist Tracey Hammond, MSc (Dist), provides some handy advice to help keep your horse looking its best.

  • Fibre Facts

    A high fibre diet is the best thing for your horse. For a trouble-free winter take a look at the range of fibre feeds from Dengie.

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