Friendly Feed Advice

Here at Dengie we understand that feeding your horse or pony can sometimes be confusing and getting the balance right can be tricky! We're here to help you with articles and information from our nutrition experts to keep you up to date with the latest information.

You can click on the links on the left or use the drop down menu for further information and guidance on a range of feed related topics. Should you have a particular query or a more complicated feeding issue call our friendly Feedline on 0845 345 5115. Or why not use our new feature and chat on-line to one of our nutritionists? Click the link, top right on this page, to start your conversation!

Alternatively click here to fill out a form to send to our nutrition team, who will in return put together a personalised feeding plan for your horse or pony.


  • Feeding for Success!

    Katie Wiliams,

    Dengie senior nutritionist Katie Williams, MSc (Dist), looks at the importance of maintaining the correct feed-work ratio as you prepare for the competition season ahead.

  • Fuelled by Fibre

    Katie Wiliams,

    Most horse owners appreciate the essential role fibre plays in the leisure horse's diet, as forage and fibre-based bucket feeds. But fibre also makes an excellent basis for performance horse's rations and the research is starting to prove it.

  • From Here to Maternity

    Katie Wiliams,

    Dengie senior nutritionist Katie Williams, MSc (Dist), provides some handy advice to help keep your mare in blooming good health and in the best shape possible during her pregnancy.

  • Dengie balancers

    Katie Wiliams,

    Dengie balancers have a high specification of essential nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, that help to keep horses healthy and in excellent condition.

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