How can I tell if my horse is overweight?

Having an accurate knowledge of what your horse weighs is vital, not only for effective administration of drugs, such as wormers, but also for calculating feed rations. Regular weighing will help you monitor on how your management regime is affecting your horse's waistline. This means problems such as weight-gain can be addressed early-on before they become too much of an issue.

Condition Scoring

Condition scoring is used to assess whether a horse or pony is at the correct bodyweight. Describing a horse's condition can be subjective and therefore a condition score sets out criteria to make the process more objective.

Click here to download a Dengie Condition Score chart.

Condition scoring chart 2015 1

By comparing your horse to the pictures and descriptions shown on the chart, you should be able to determine their condition.

A condition score of 3 (on the 0-5 scale) would be considered as optimum.

To learn how to condition score your horse, the Dengie nutrition team have produced the video below to explain the process.

Using a weigh tape

One of the easiest ways to get an idea of what your horse weighs is to use a weight tape, which can be purchased cheaply online or at your local saddlery. Because weight tapes only give an estimation of your horse's weight, they are best used in conjunction with condition scoring so that you can assess if your horse is at a healthy weight.

Watch the video below to learn how to weigh tape a horse.

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