About Us

From Field to Feed

At Dengie we grow our own alfalfa, we nurture it from seed to feed.

Alfalfa Explained

Alfalfa is a legume and so is able to fix nitrogen from the environment which is converted to amino acids in the plant.

Field & Nutrition Experts

Our field team have years of experience in farm management and the harvest process. This is supported by a team of equine-degree qualified, horse-owning nutritionists.

Standards of Excellence

Proud to be awarded HM The Queen’s Royal Warrant. We’re members of the BETA NOPS scheme and approved under the UFAS and FEMAS feed assurance schemes with products independently approved by The Laminitis Trust and BETA EGUS.

Fuelled by Fibre

Alfalfa provides energy, promotes condition and topline, is vital for digestive health and is naturally low in sugar and starch.

The proof is in the bag

Dengie is fed by champions from all over the world …