Achieving Our Goals

It’s been a busy few weeks for Gari and I. After the BYRDS Inter Regionals we spent some time training with Cathy Burrell in Harrogate focusing on softness and a more active hindleg. It was fantastic as always and Gari and I worked hard and well together. I always enjoy being on a professional yard and I think Gari upped his game as well!

Last weekend we travelled to Morris Equestrian Centre in Ayrshire to compete and try to secure our winter regional qualification. I’m delighted to say that we achieved this!

Friday night saw us debut our new floorplan for the Freestyle to Music at Medium level and we won the class overall with a pleasing score of 75%. The following two days we took part in four medium tests and we won three of those overall as well with some great scores of 73.10%, 70.17% and 69.59%. The last test on the sunday was a pre regionals run through of M76 and I made a couple of small errors which meant that it wasn’t a score to treasure. As mum said perhaps it’s just as well we didn’t win as we wouldn’t want to peak too early! I hope she’s right, but we’ll be taking the judges comments on board in the next couple of weeks for sure.