Building Lordy’s Strength Up

Recently we have been taking Lordy out to lots of new places and venues to build up his experience of going away whilst still applying the same training methods and routines for him to progress in his development. This is so important as a youngster to gain this experience, but equally to be able to gain better focus and concentration each time we go away so that the consistency of what we have developed at home follows into the work and training we do when we go away.

Olivia Whitelaw and Lordy schooling

Last weekend we had a great lesson with Andrew Fletcher really working on his straightness and progressing what we have now gained with his suppleness and bend to now moving this onto straight lines. This has been a test for Lordy as it makes it more difficult for him and combined with transitions along the straight sides it forces him to push from the inside hind leg out of halts so that he uses his body correctly. This is now what we will be working on for the next few weeks to gradually build up and strengthen the power of his hind legs in a positive way.

Whilst we have been stepping up the intensity of the work Lordy is doing, I also believe it is very important for him to be rewarded and have time to relax to, therefore the day after most lessons he will go on a long hack and canter around all the fields as this also will help the maturing of his mind and give him time to relax. It is so important to me that Lords always has a good experience when riding and training, and so that he does not always think riding is going to be hard work, which is why we hack every week so that he looks forward to riding and it is a positive experience for him.

He also was clipped this week for the first time which he was super well behaved for, he just went to sleep! It really showed how well he is looking and feeling on his Dengie fibre diet as his coat has such a glow and he has the perfect containable energy for training and developing. I am so so pleased with him at the minute and how well he takes to work with such a good attitude and how much he wants to please.

Olivia Whitelaw and Lordy Selfie