Gaining Experience

Recently Lordy and I have been on a few adventures to help his confidence develop in being in new unknown environments, but still carrying on with the same routines and training methods as at home.

We were lucky enough to be asked by Lara Edwards to be part of her recent demonstration at Oakridge arena. This was such a brilliant opportunity for myself and Lordy as a partnership as it meant he really had to trust me in front of microphones, Christmas decorations and an audience of around 50 as he had a lot to take in that he was not used to at home. Although he was hot to start with, he soon relaxed and I was very proud of how he handled the atmosphere and took it all in his stride.

For young horses gaining this type of experience is so valuable as they have so much to take in and learn from it, as well as further developing trust in their rider which is so important, especially for young horses when they are nervous they have their rider to trust and tell them everything is okay.

Over the next few weeks we have more training with Andrew Fletcher to continue strengthening Lordy, in particular our focus at the minute is straightness and really making Lordy work properly over his back making the correct muscles build and become stronger. We have a upcoming visit from Claire Akers, the Performance Horse Nutritionist at Dengie to help us shape his diet for winter, he is very full on at the minute – a combination of feeling super well and being stabled more and in overnight too.

We also have a British Dressage Under 21’s Christmas Camp this weekend. This will be Lordy’s first stay away from home, so it will be interesting to see how he handles this, although I am not sure as to how Lordy will feel about being dressed up as a snowflake!