Introducing Olivia & Tiffin

The focus for this session with my long-time trainer and mentor Hannah Esberger was to prepare for the BYRDS Inter-Regionals Rider Test. Dengie’s Jo and Lisa were there too, so I decided to get Tiffin weighed and his diet assessed as I was struggling to maintain his condition. I was recommended to try Healthy Hooves Molasses Free at a rate of four scoops a day, which seemed like quite a lot. However, Jo explained that Healthy Hooves Molasses Free is a complete feed and, when fed at the recommended levels, it would provide Tiffin with all the vitamins and minerals he needs. Well, I shouldn’t have worried about the quantity as Tiffin has been tucking in, even licking the bucket clean, and he looks the picture of health – his coat is gleaming and he has plenty of energy.

Since my session with Hannah, I’ve been selected for the BRYDS Home International for England and Northern British Dressage Region at Medium level. I’m absolutely delighted as we’ve only started competing at Medium level during the last couple of months.

I’ll keep you posted on how Tiffin is doing and our competition exploits.

Until next time,