Let’s Meet Leo

So, this week we took Leo to Darryl’s for a lesson to continue developing his training, so I thought I should tell you a little more about him.

Six-year-old Leo, or Brouwershaven Viceroy to give his official name, is a 14.2hh Dutch Riding Pony gelding, who we imported from Holland. Leo is a complete baby – he has lovely natural paces but has never even been in a dressage arena yet, so suffice to say it will be a journey over the next few months and years and I hope to keep you updated as we go.

In terms of feeding, Leo is currently on Dengie Hi-Fi Lite. This has been perfect as, with all the grass in the summer, we have needed to keep his weight down. He’s shortly going to be seen by the Dengie team and I will keep you updated if we move him onto something else.

My plans for Leo are slow but steady increases in his experiences whilst building his training at home. For example, as the clocks had changed, loading him at Darryl’s yard in the dark this week was as much a learning experience for him as the lesson itself. I am aiming to do some unaffiliated dressage with him in the New Year to get him out and understanding the whole competition and working-in experience, with a plan to do some BD later in the spring. However, next weekend he is off to stay away at the Northern BYRDS camp, so that will be a huge learning curve for him.

Hope you like him,