More Learning for Lordy

Over Christmas Lordy and I had a lovely trip to the Unicorn Centre for 3 days of training.  This was his first overnight stay away from home which is so good for him to experience at an early age, as exposure to this and new environments is so valuable in gaining maturity for a young horse.

We travelled up on the Friday and gave him a nice stretch when we arrived which he was so good for, we have developed his low work for so long he really enjoys it now and it is so beneficial for him. He settled in well, and as he had the end stable he was thoroughly intrigued as to what everyone was doing and saying hello to everyone with his friendly face. The next day we had a training session in the morning with my friend Maddy just working on getting the basics solid, working him round and over the back but allowing his neck forward. The next day we reiterated this message to Lordy in training; it is so important that young horses have the basics correct as when he grows bigger and stronger the harder movements will come so much more easily to him.

Another focus of the training was to get him to react straight away whether that was turning on a square or in a transition. For a young horse this really improves reactivity and focus as it means they do not have the opportunity to be naughty as they must constantly be listening to you, almost in a sense waiting for what you are about to ask. It’s all about keeping their minds busy when they are young, so the focus has to be on you as the rider. A good way to picture it is that as the rider you are the leader of your horse, like in the wild. Horses have one leader of their herd and that must always be you. In that way you will gain the respect and trust to improve your relationship with your horse. In my training with Lordy this has been so valuable as by always ensuring you are the boss and the rules of training are clear and fair, the respect will be there for you to get the most out of training and development with your horse.

We also did our first ever test together which was Novice 30. I was so proud of him, although not perfect I would never expect it to be for our first go. He tried so hard for me and stayed very willing, listening to me the whole time. It was so nice to get our first test under our belts and for him to behave so well, I couldn’t be happier with him. That Sunday Lordy also had another new rather different experience as we had to do a quadrille and dress up as a snowflake with flashing lights. He behaved so well; I was very proud of him. Navigating my partners grinch costume was quite amusing and Lordy did find it very strange when he saw it in the mirror of the arena, nevertheless he couldn’t have behaved better for me and such experience was so valuable in his education.

We have lots of training and lessons coming up in the weeks to come, I will keep you all updated!