No Pain, No Gain

Well I am just back from a very busy weekend at BYRDS Northern Camp with Leo, the baby dressage pony.

We had lessons and dressage tests on both days, as well as workshops on test writing, balance assessments on the mechanical horse and a rider fitness circuit training session – from which my legs are still aching so much that I still can not walk!!

Leo was a superstar all weekend, he behaved himself impeccably and dealt with everything as if he had been doing it for years. We completed his first ever dressage test, this was a BYRDS B Squad rider test, he saw dressage boards for the first time and acted as if he had seen them many times before. On day one we had a one small spook but still came away with an amazing score of 83%, and on the Sunday he improved again and came away with 84%!!

Hopefully over the next few days my legs will stop aching, there was I thinking I was fit! I think my body is as tired as Leo looked on Sunday and I am sure he is enjoying having a couple of days off now.

Below is a short video of Leo in his test, hope you like it.