Pony Progress Squad Training Session

This weekend was a busy one for Tiff and I as we were at our first Pony Progress Squad training session, it was great to meet up and spend time with everyone. We trained with Dan Sheriff and focused on front leg shaping and movement during the walk pirouette and our rein back, which those of you that know Tiff will know it is a movement he dislikes intensely!

We also had individual reviews with the Physiotherapist. The good news was that the physio felt my core was really strong, the bad news being that I have got into a habit of having my hips not aligned, so when I am correctly square I now have a very weak left leg. My homework for the next month before the next squad session is physio, physio and more physio!.

Overall it was a really great weekend and I found it really helpful. Next in my diary is the High Profile Show at Vale View this weekend where the lovely Cyden Oostings Amigo and I will be having a go at our first pony FEI test as part of our development together getting ready for 2016.

Leo, my 6-year-old baby is settling and coming along really well. As Tiff is having a break from competitions, having worked so hard over the summer, we have been really focusing on Leo and therefore he has a busy month ahead of him, including travelling to his first lessons with Darryl and Hannah. Leo will also be attending his first British Dressage Young Riders Camp, which will involve training sessions and an overnight stay, let’s hope he behaves himself!