Sometimes all is not quite as it seems

Sometimes all is not quite as it seems…

So Leo has been training hard all winter, but Jan 1st has come along which can only mean one thing … our new PFEI season has started. Later this month we have our first review with the GB Pony Selectors, where invited pony riders compete against each other under show conditions, and all scores at key competitions start to count.

Some of you may remember that the timing of winter coming into spring with all the time in the Stable is always a challenge with Leo as he gets a little full of himself and last year at the selectors test riding he was just so excited to be out competing that he lost concentration, so this year we figured we needed a plan to get Leo past the ‘whoopee this is exciting stage’  at the Spring competitions.

Today therefore Leo and I went to a local unaffiliated competition to ride through a medium test. We were plaited and dressed in show gear, warming up with other genuine Dressage competition entries, but little did Leo know we were only pretending – for him it wasn’t quite as real as it seemed!!

I had contacted the Show organisers and they had kindly agreed to let me ride a test in the arena in the judges break between classes. Leo found the whole thing hugely exciting and we were very definitely not lacking in being ‘forward’. Hopefully the plan has worked and we will have taken some of the edge off his excitement level at being back out competing. He got lots of treats and pats and of course in true Leo fashion he piaffed his way on the hack home thinking he had performed brilliantly. Only time will tell if our plan has worked, so keep your fingers crossed for us later this month.