Summer Season in Full Flow

Success at the Regionals

The season is really starting to get into full swing now and this meant that the winter semi finals were upon us! We had a couple of practice runs to get the boys who were qualified out to a party after the winter break.

We started with a trip to Wellington to practice freestyle to music with Tank (Headmore Wimoweh) and Socs (Tantoni Sir Soccrates). It was a good day as both boys coped well with the music and won their classes, Tank won the medium with over 76% and Socs won his first attempt at PSG freestyle with over 72%. Frustratingly, one of the shows that we had entered at Berkshire College cancelled the medium level classes, so Tank and Wilbur (Headmore Wrubinstar) had to style for only one straight test outing at Quob. Both horses went well to finish 1st and 2nd with only 1 mark between them, despite being a bit ring rusty and having a few mistakes!

We started off our regionals at Kingston Maurward with Wilbur. We had an early start as I wanted to get there in time to arena walk him so he could have a good look at the arena. His first test was in the medium freestyle and, although he was nervous, he tried really hard and produced a test that was good enough for over 72% to finish 2nd and qualify for the final, so a very good start! The following day was the medium open class and Wilbur went even better and produced a lovely test to score over 71%. Two of the three judges had us to win but unfortunately the third judge didn’t agree so we ended up third, but the score should be good enough to ensure us a wildcard! Wilbur had lots of extra carrots after those results!

The following week we were at Merrist Wood for the other regionals. It was another early start as the entries were massive so we had to be organised to make it on time with Tank for his medium open class. He was a bit too sharp as he had missed out on an outing due to the cancellation to produce his best work, but he still managed to produce a 70% test to finish 4th so we have got fingers crossed for another wildcard! We were back and forth to Merrist Wood like a yo yo as we went back in the evening with Socs for the advanced medium freestyle. He was a bit tense as it was late and dark but still scored nearly 77% to win and qualify for the final. All in all a good first day at Merrist!

The following evening we were back again with Socs for the advanced medium open. He was still a bit unsettle competing at 9pm but still finished 2nd with nearly 72% to gain another qualifying ticket. It will be all go to prepare him for the final so he is settled enough to show his best!

The final test was Tank’s medium freestyle. He was much more settled than on the first day and I was thrilled with the test. I was a bit dissapointed with the score of 70.6 but overall we had a very good regional championships with every test scoring 70%! It looks like we will have a busy time at the finals!

I also did some filming for a new website that will be launching soon, equestrian pro media. It’s a dressage training website and will be launched in April! Keep an eye out for it!

A couple more exciting pieces of news, firstly I have joined the Piaffe team so check out my new website as well as to find out more! Finally we are off to Vidauban tomorrow morning with Del (Headmore Delegate) and Socs for the International. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you about some good results in my next blog!