Super-duper excited for 2018

2018 has been kind to us so far and we have been enjoying a few good spells of weather. We now have floodlights in our arena so we can train in between snow flurries, which I have certainly missed. Arlo is just beginning to lose a little of his gangly teenager appearance, which of course is greatly helped by his Dengie fibre diet, and has a beautiful shine on his coat.

Our recent half term break saw us camp out for four days with our local trainer Jennifer Johnston-Harman who herself has taken many young horse to a high level. We began some exciting medium level work, but our main homework is ensuring he is working over his back and being sharper of my aids. Jennifer has also been helping me to improve my position and in that, my effectiveness in my riding. It’s amazing how a small adjustment can make such a difference!

Arlo, as always, is a darling and is fast becoming the yard comedian! When mucking out before school, he likes to take my cosy hat off and waggling it about and then dropping it. He thinks he’s very funny I’m sure. He always lightens up any dreary or early morning feeling.

We had a Grids & Poles lesson this week for variety and strengthening and we had a fabulous time! Arlo was so honest and enjoyed figuring it all out in his head. Every challenge that was put in front of him was met with calm enthusiasm. With his very long legs he could have stepped over them anyway; I think it’s fair to say I chose the right discipline in dressage! As always, he gave me 100%.

All my prelims (mum says mock exams in old money!) are out of the way and passed, meaning that the real hard work starts now to try to achieve my best possible grades in May.

My personal fitness is back on the agenda, and I have seen an uplifting improvement in my ability to push myself harder than I believed possible. Arlo and I are working well and despite the still days of wintry weather here in Scotland, we have been greeted with spring-like spells and the spring flowers are popping their heads out. Arlo and I are now building up to our first elementary competition together on the 3rd March, which he more than capable of providing the pilot doesn’t have ‘a moment’. I am super-duper excited for 2018.