Tough Few Weeks

I’m sad to say it’s been a very very tough few weeks…

On the Friday of Addington High Profile Show, Leo was given a couple of hours in the field before we travelled. Sadly he spent those few hours playing a little too harshly and promptly kicked his hind fetlock joint which immediately swelled up. After emergency vets and numerous scans and X Rays we identified there was luckily no breaks, fractures or soft tissue damage and he had in fact given the joint a blood haemorrhage which was going to take time to heal. Fast forward a few weeks of box rest the vets then agreed Leo could come back into full work, and we gradually bought him back into work. We went along to the FEI squad test riding weekend but as you can imagine after only 5 days of real work it didn’t quite go as well as it could of!!

Leo’s antics didn’t stop there, and a few days on he came in from the field with a swelling on the hock of the same leg, completely sound just a swelling that didn’t go away. More vets visits, more x rays and scans now show we have again luckily no bone or soft tissue damage, but we now have a slightly inflamed hock joint that once again needs some more box rest.

Therefore the moral of this story is that I have decided that Leo can now only go out if he’s dressed in bubble wrap!!

If all goes to plan we should be back in gentle work at the end of this week, and hopefully we will be back in full work next week. In the meantime as you can see Leo has been entertaining himself with his treat ball full of Dengie Grass Nuts which he loves and loves!

Keep your fingers crossed for us we hope to have more positive things to update you with soon.