Alfa-A Original – the UK’s best-selling performance fibre

Are these the top 3 things on your horsey wish list?

  • A healthy horse
  • A great top line
  • A pleasure to ride

If so, now’s the time to put more Dengie Alfa-A Original in your horse’s bucket.

Fibre provides energy without fizz and is truly low in starch – Alfa-A Original combines pure alfalfa with a light molasses coating and has an energy level comparable to a cool mix/cube at 10 MJ/Kg DE but with only 2% starch which is often 10 times lower than cereal based feeds with the same energy level!

Alfalfa is ideal for helping to build great top line on your horse – abundant in essential amino acids compared to other fibre sources, alfalfa is the safe way to build muscle tone. The alfalfa plant is amazingly clever as it is able to convert nitrogen from the atmosphere into amino acids in its own tissues.

Alfalfa contains nearly three times as much calcium as grass – this helps to create healthy hooves and is also a natural buffer to acidity in the digestive system. Independent research carried out at Texas A&M University showed that feeding alfalfa was more effective at reducing the incidence of gastric ulcers than turn out on pasture 24/7. The researchers advocate the use of alfalfa whenever cereals are fed, so now’s the time to put more Alfa-A Original in your horse’s bucket!

If you want to make the change to a fibre based ration then contact our nutritionists who will be happy to provide you with a personalised diet plan. Dengie Feedline: 01621 841188 or complete our on-line feed advice form