Feeding Horses with Allergy and Intolerance

Have you noticed a change in behaviour in your horse? Or perhaps lumps and bumps have appeared on their skin. This could possibly be as a result of a horse allergy or intolerance. Although feeding is definitely not always to blame when it comes to allergy and intolerance, it makes sense to evaluate the horse’s current ration as a starting point. This guide will help feeding those with common horse allergies and intolerances.

A Simple Ration with Fewer Feed Ingredients:

Getting to the bottom of the cause of a horse allergy or intolerance can be really tricky. It therefore stands to reason that putting your horse on a ‘simple’ ration with fewer feed ingredients, as often suggested by vets recommending an elimination diet, could possibly help to identify what your horse is reacting to if their symptoms disappear.

The simplest feed from the Dengie range is Dengie Alfalfa Pellets. These are just pure pelleted alfalfa with nothing else added – no molasses, preservatives or binders. Providing 10MJ/kg of Digestible Energy, Alfalfa Pellets have a similar energy level to a pony nut but are based on only one ingredient. Dengie Alfalfa Pellets can be fed dry or soaked to form a mash.

Cereal Free Feed For Horses With Allergies

All Dengie Fibre Feeds are free from whole cereal grains. The Alfa-A range is based on pure alfalfa with different coatings for different situations and is suitable for working horses or those that struggle to maintain condition.

The Hi-Fi range combines alfalfa with other fibre sources such as straw or high temperature dried grass and is suitable for horses at rest or in light work that maintain their condition with ease. Simply choose a fibre feed most suited to your horse’s needs and feed alongside a Dengie Vits & Mins supplement or Dengie Balancer to provide a balanced ration.

Molasses Free Horse Feed 

Dengie has the answer to many common horse allergy or intolerances with our ten fibre-based products that are all molasses free:


Support Against Horse Allergy & Intolerances From The Inside: 

A large part of any animal’s immunity is within the gut. Horses have evolved to eat a fibre-based ration and would naturally spend 16-18 hours per day eating. The stresses of domestic life, including competition and travel, can disrupt the population of micro-organisms within the horse’s digestive tract. This can lead to loose droppings and poor coat condition.

Digestive enhancing supplements combine ingredients like prebiotics with live yeast which helps to create favourable conditions in the horse’s gut for beneficial fibre digesting bacteria to thrive. They can be fed at a concentrated level at times of stress or may be fed daily at a maintenance level.

Ensuring your horse receives a balanced ration with respect to vitamins and minerals is another way to support your horse from the inside, especially as vitamins and minerals have an important role as antioxidants and therefore within immune function. If feeding a fibre only ration, or less than recommended amounts of a feed with added vitamins and minerals, a Dengie Balancer or Dengie Vits & Mins should ideally be added to the ration.

hi fi senior

Respiratory Health

Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO), also known as COPD or heaves, is a common respiratory problem in stabled horses. It is a result of a hypersensitivity to inhaled allergens causing respiratory

distress like asthma in humans. There is no quick fix to managing RAO, but long-term success relies on creating as dust-free environment as possible. From a feeding perspective this would include selecting the best possible hay and steaming it or using haylage.

When it comes to fibre in the bucket feed, all Dengie’s alfalfa and grasses are high temperature dried to produce a consistently clean forage source. When good quality hay or haylage is in short supply, Dengie Hi-Fi Senior or Pure Grass is an ideal alternative. Hi-Fi Senior combines both high temperature dried grasses and alfalfa, providing a very clean fibre. Despite its name Hi-Fi Senior is suitable for a range of horses and ponies including performance horses where respiratory health is a concern. Dengie Pure Grass contains high temperature dried grasses with nothing else added.

For friendly feeding advice tailored to your horse’s individual needs, or to change diet management to accommodate your horse allergy please contact the Dengie Feedline on 01621 841188.