Dengie Chaff Horse Feeds

At Dengie we understand that every horse has different nutritional needs. There is a wide range of horse chaffs available that use different fibre sources, so the key is to find the right types of chaff for each individual horse.

Everyday Molassed Chaff Product Horse Feed Packaging

Everyday Molassed Chaff and Cool Condition and Shine have recently been added to the Dengie chaff portfolio, expanding the offering of horse chaffs that are now available for your horse or pony.

Dengie Everyday Molassed Chaff contains high quality, dust extracted, soft golden straw. The horse’s digestive system has evolved to function best when it has a continuous supply of fibrous material. Straw is a useful forage source for horses and ponies that are overweight or that hold their weight well as it is a low calorie fibre source.

Adding Everyday Molassed Chaff to your horse’s bucket feed will increase chew time and slow the rate of eating – eating chopped fibre takes 3 times as long as pellets or mixes. This helps your horse to digest and utilise their feed more efficiently and stops greedy horses from bolting their feed.


cool condition & shine

Dengie Cool, Condition & Shine is a high-fibre fusion of soft, chopped and pelleted fibres, with an oil and molasses coating. The blend of grass, straw and alfalfa makes this horse chaff high in fibre, supporting digestive health. The high oil content in Cool, Condition &  Shine helps to build and maintain condition, provide slow-release energy and also helps to promote healthy skin and coat shine. Fussy eaters will find Cool, Condition & Shine highly palatable with the spearmint oil and light molasses coating.

Cool, Condition & Shine chaff horse feed contains a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals to provide a balanced diet for a horse or pony when fed at the recommended quantity. Alternatively, it can be used to bulk out your horse’s bucket feed to increase chew time.

If you would like more guidance on selecting the best types of chaff for your horse or pony to call our team of qualified and experienced nutritionists today!