Product Origins – Fresh Bed for Chickens

Just like Archimedes Principle, the idea of Dengie Fresh Bed came about whilst our Product Development Manager was in the bath! And, like lots of good ideas, it is really very simple but effective. The two ingredients are from natural origins which we know appeals to chicken keepers who value growing and producing their own food just as much as doing the best for their birds and animals.

Every new ingredient that goes into a Dengie product has to be safe and efficacious and so is tested thoroughly in real-life situations. For Fresh Bed we were very fortunate to work with the British Hen Welfare Trust – who better to provide feedback about its benefits for chickens and especially when they are often in greatest need of some comfort?

It is quite amazing to consider that the pine oil that gives Fresh Bed its distinctive aroma, is actually a co-product from another industry. Sadly, some view co-products as “waste” but to us at Dengie, co-products are an opportunity not to waste precious resources. Putting every part of the pine trees to good use just makes sense and our fun infographic below illustrates where the different materials go!

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Pine Oil – trees are grown for timber to make furniture.

By product such as bark, goes to make paper

Paper makers don’t want paper to smell of pine

The pine aroma is captured and used in Fresh Bed

The pine oil biodegrades just as pine tree would

Wheat is grown for human and animal consumption

Straw is a co-product

The basis for Fresh Bed, composts easily, ideal for backyard chickens