Dengie Balancers are formulated to perfectly complement the nutrients found in Dengie Alfa-A and Hi-Fi Fibre Feeds. Although alfalfa contains lots of naturally occurring nutrients, the Alfa-A and Hi-Fi ranges are still considered straights as we haven’t added vitamins and minerals to them and so we recommend using either a supplement or balancer to top up on essential nutrients. The Dengie Balancers have been developed so that they don’t duplicate what the Alfa-A and Hi-Fi Fibre Feeds provide whilst ensuring the diet is balanced.

As with all Dengie feeds, the Balancers include top quality ingredients and are as sympathetic to the horse’s digestive system as possible. A combination of alfalfa, herbs and linseed are the key ingredients used to make a highly digestible and very palatable feed. Both Balancers are molasses free and so are ideal for horses prone to over excitability or those that require a low sugar diet.

Both packs carry the Dengie Balancer promise – your assurance of quality and peace of mind.

  • Comprehensive range of nutrients
  • Gut friendly ingredients
  • For optimum condition

Following the news that some racehorses have tested positive for morphine as a possible result of feed contamination, Dengie can confirm that none of these cases have been linked to any Dengie alfalfa-based products.

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